VVER-1200 is a state-of-the-art Generation 3+ project that meets all post-Fukushima safety standards and regulations adopted by the IAEA, EUR and WENRA. Many years of successful operation of Loviisa NPP with VVER reactors, as well as Rosatom’s experience in construction of NPPs in Russia and around the world, were important factors that led the Customer to select this design for the new NPP.

The project has four active and mutually redundant safety system channels and a combination of passive safety systems that are based only on the laws of physics and require no human involvement. The capacity of one NPP power unit is 1,200 MW. The project includes a reactor core catcher and a passive afterheat removal system that provides an unlimited heat removal.

The VVER technology uses a two-circuit nuclear steam generation plant with a thermal neutron reactor. Normal pressurised water is used as coolant and moderator. The VVER technology combines the reliability of tested and tried engineering solutions with up-to-date safety systems developed to meet the post-Fukushima requirements.