The Podolsk-based enterprise of ROSATOM to manufacture and supply thermocouples for Kudankulam NPP

LUCH Scientific Production Association (part of Science and Innovations JSC, R & D Unit of ROSATOM) signed an agreement to supply thermocouples for four power units of the Kudankulam NPP in India. New sensors designed for thermal control of NPP process equipment will replace the old ones in the internal reactor control systems of the units 1 and 2.
High-accuracy resistance thermocouples are a critical element of the in-reactor control system, their stable functioning ensures safe operation of nuclear reactor equipment. These thermocouples are primary temperature measuring transducers designed to measure the temperature of the coolant in the "hot" and "cold" string of the main circulation pipeline under conditions of external influencing factors.
In total, the enterprise will supply 200 units of resistance thermocouples labelled TSPT 5963. This modification is characterized by high stability of operation and has metrological characteristics at the level of leading world manufacturers.
«LUCH has launched production of a wide range of thermocouples of different measurement capacities depending on the material used to manufacture sensors and the case. The thermocouples are produced in stainless steel cases with fastening and sealing units, with polyamide or metal heads, as well as with flexible extension cables», – said Konstantin Kabachny, chief metrologist of the enterprise.

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