The Engineering Division has Hosted an Industry Workshop Dedicated to Import Phase-Out and Introduction of Multi-D Products

The “Import Phase-Out. Experience in the Development and Implementation of Multi-D Products in the Engineering Division” industry workshop has been held at ASE JSC (belonging to the Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division). The seminar has been the first in a series of events planned by Rosatom to ensure the technological sovereignty of the industry.
The event was attended both on- and off-site, by more than 300 people, including Rosatom State Corporation top managers, heads of IT and digitalization divisions, experts in strategy, innovation, companies’ development and transformation.
When leading-off the workshop, Ekaterina Solntseva, CDO of ROSATOM, pointed out that the effective hands-on cases of the nuclear industry were the basis to develop a nation-scale plan for the Russian economy transition to home-grown technologies. “Successful scaling of Rosatom's industry-specific digital packages is at the same time a positive predication for our digital products’ expansion and commoditization outside the corporation's business. As to the experience of implementing the Multi-D products in the Engineering Division and our offerings for the industry, we are heading on to further expansion of our digital products to both the domestic and global markets”, she went on to say.
As explained by Olga Tolstunova, the Engineering Division Vice-President for Digitalization and Information Technologies, the introduction of in-house digital products helps avoiding sanction risks, increasing internal efficiency and proper fulfilling contractual obligations for the NPP construction: “Our digital packages are initially conceived from a product business pattern. And being aimed towards supporting NPP construction projects, they can be adapted for use in industry-specific and Russian companies. It is essential to say that our construction experience and our strategy, which has been developed and refined over the years, will help other organizations achieve their strategic goals.”
The representatives of the Engineering Division's Digitalization Unit have demonstrated the functionality of each Multi-D product, namely: Multi-D platform, that has been a trigger for development processes’ speeding up significantly in line with the business needs; Multi-D Enterprise Service Bus (Multi-D ESB), which allows for the centralized configuring and controlling the exchange of information between multiple information systems; Multi-D Docs&Resources (MDDR) document management system; Multi-D Unified Time Schedule (Multi-D UTS), which is able to combine and compare an unlimited number of schedules generated in various scheduling systems, and determine the final deadline for the facility completion; Multi-D Project system to issue weekly&daily tasks and monitor the actual status of CEW; Multi-D IMS 4.0 system of interface with customers and contractors.
“We understand very clearly that there is no other way but achieving technological independence,” said Evgeny Abakumov, the Rosatom State Corporation Director for Information Technologies. As part of the IT systems import phase-out, he proposed developing a plan for the Multi-D products implementation in industry organizations.
The workshop participants decided to hold local meetings with a number of companies to demonstrate locally Multi-D individual digital products and take further efforts to reinforce interaction.

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