ROSATOM launched the program to train managers of NPP construction projects

ROSATOM has launched the sector-wide Advance Training Program for managers of nuclear facility construction projects in the Russian Federation and abroad. It will allow building up new competences, implement best world practices of construction project management on sites and train necessary candidates pool for implementation of the world’s largest portfolio of NPP construction projects. The program is supervised by the Sectoral Capital Construction Center (SCCC) of ROSATOM. 
The Program has been developed based on special profiles of project managers. They define the target level of requirements to professional, managerial and communication competencies and qualifications of specialists taking into account international standards. “The profiles have been developed to determine requirements for project managers’ qualification, their professional and technical knowledge, and competences other than professional as well as to raise responsibility for project management quality and motivate employees to advance their professional qualifications, Andrey Golovanov, Head of Department for Sectoral Construction Complex Development at SCCC said.
The program’s training modules are based on business simulation of the entire process of nuclear facility construction from project initiation until completion. It is supplemented by international internship, learning of best world practices concerning project management of constructing complex engineering facilities and specially developed online formats covering main blocks of the profile.
The content for five training modules (“Pre-contract Phase”, “Design”, “Pre-construction Construction and Installation (C&I)”, C&I and “Start-up. Commissioning”) has been developed remotely and in classroom by 85 experts from 15 sectoral organization, including experts from JSC EC ASE, JSC RAOS, FRKP of Rosenergoatom, JSC Concern TITAN-2, JSC REIN and ROSATOM. SCCC accepted 5 focus groups on formulation of the content and inclusion of sectoral features in training modules. Also, at working meetings experts outlined key competences to be improved by managers and developed by successors with a special focus on skills to manage time and cost of projects (TCM NC).
In the framework of implementation of the first stage of the Program all ROSATOM’s organizations already conducted the expert assessment of current project managers and their successors for compliance with the target profile requirements. The training modules are planned to launch in 2019. In the coming time, individual interviews continue with experts concerning verification of assessment procedures, generation of international internship plan and organization of work to collect lessons learned in ROSATOM’s projects.


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