Rosatom Africa contributes to the celebration of Mandela Day in South Africa

Rosatom Africa contributed to the celebration of Mandela Day in South Africa, which was conducted under the motto: “Give your time to those in need and through your personal input make this country better.” Together with the South African Youth Nuclear Professional Society (SAYNPS) they repaired two educational labs in Bothabelo school in one of the poorest townships of the North Western province of South Africa. Rosatom helped renovate the labs and purchased equipment (microscopes, Benza burners, desks and chairs, test tubes, educational posters, etc.), which will be used by the students of 10-12 grades who study physics, chemistry and biology. Representatives of Rosatom Africa, SAYNPS and colleagues from Michailov and Partners cleaned and painted the classrooms, removed old equipment and assembled procured furniture.

Rosatom Africa did not limit its aid to sponsorship only, but delivered a lecture on the Russian nuclear industry and nuclear educational system in Russia. They also granted the school with a popular science book "Nuclear Energy and Beyond". Moreover, SAYNPS representatives, who had graduated from the school, shared their career and explained how knowledge helps to succeed and turn into real professionals.


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