New method of cooling tower concreting introduced at Kursk NPP-2

Specialists of Kursk Branch of SMU No 1 LLC (part of ROSATOM Engineering Division) are carrying out concreting works at a record speed for this type of work - one 1.5 m high layer in less than three days.  These works are carried out at Unit 1 evaporation cooling tower of Kursk NPP-2 (general designer and general contractor - ROSATOM Engineering Division). Initially, the concreting works lasted for at least 7 days.   
Currently, the specialists of SMU No 1 LLC have completed the concreting of layer 65 of the cooling tower, which will in total comprise 115 layers and will be 179 m high. Valery Dmitriev, Director of Kursk Branch of SMU No 1 LLC, pointed out that the high speed of the cooling tower construction became possible due to the well-organized work. “The consistent process of lifting of the form work, reinforcement and pouring of concrete, continuous and precise cycle of the works made it possible to reach an unprecedented speed of concreting, although the works were carried out at a considerable height”. 
The experience of Kursk NPP-2 is already in demand during the construction of cooling towers at Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh, where the Engineering Division is also the general designer and the general contractor.  At that site, the cooling towers are being constructed by Indian company PAHARPUR. Earlier, it took the Indian contractor about 12 days to complete the concreting of one layer, but the RPS project implemented by specialists of SMU No 1 LLC helped the Indian colleagues to reduce the time up to 4 days.
The experience in concreting of evaporation cooling towers obtained during the construction of Kursk NPP-2 will be further used at other facilities constructed by companies of Rosatom State Corporation. 

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