First Concrete laid at Xudapu NPP Power Unit 4 in China

First concrete ceremony has taken place at Xudapu NPP Unit 4 constructed under the Russian VVER-1200 design. The construction has reached its active phase.
“The project for construction of two new units of generation III+ at Xudapu NPP is being implemented according to the schedule, even ahead of schedule. The Russian party performs its obligations in full scope: a group of engineers supervising the project is working at the site, equipment and design documentation are delivered as per the contractual obligations”, said Alexey Bannik, Vice President for projects in China of Atomstroyexport JSC.
Xudapu NPP Unit 3 is also in the active stage of construction. This year, the reactor building will reach elevation +8.00 meters.
For reference:
Xudapu NPP is a new project of cooperation between Russia and China in the field of nuclear energy, located in the city of Huludao (Liaoning Province). In 2019, a number of contracts were signed, including the General Contract for the construction of Units 3 and 4 of Xudapu NPP with VVER-1200 reactors, as well as a contract for nuclear fuel supply. In accordance with the contracts, the Russian party will design the “nuclear island” of the plant, supply key equipment for the nuclear island for both power units, provide designer supervision, installation supervision and adjustment supervision services for the equipment supplied. Commissioning of the units is scheduled for 2027-2028.
The VVER-1200 design is characterized by increased safety and reliability which is provided by an additional passive system for removing heat from the steam generators and a passive system for removing heat from the containment, to maintain the reactor plant in a steady and safe condition for almost an indefinite time.

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