Turkish Engineers Win the Competition of the Russian Nuclear Industry Again

August 12, 2022, Moscow, Russia. – The employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR have again become the winners of the nuclear industry competition “Person of the Year of Rosatom-2021”, which is held annually among almost 300 thousand employees of nuclear enterprises.

Çiğdem Yılmaz, a specialist in chemical analysis specialist of the primary circuit of the chemical workshop of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, was awarded in "Rising Star", the special nomination of the General Director of Rosatom State Corporation. She provided suggestions for improving and optimizing the project of the water chemistry laboratory. In particular, she proposed to use a high-resolution atomic absorption spectrometer instead of a mass spectrometer for the analysis of the boron-10 isotope. The laboratory's research on the basis of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is important in terms of developing the scientific and technical potential of the Turkish nuclear industry and establishing a reference for other NPP construction projects in Turkey.

"I'm so happy! The victory inspires me to new achievements that can be implemented at the Akkuyu NPP project. Many of my colleagues are interested in deep study of nuclear technologies, and we do our best to contribute to their development. This is how the technology transfer process is implemented in the Akkuyu NPP project. Turkish citizens participating in the educational program for the project receive a prestigious education in nuclear engineering, and then consolidate their theoretical knowledge during internships at operating nuclear power plants. We know how a nuclear power plant is built from the inside, how it is controlled, what systems and components ensure its operation. In addition, we are directly involved in the development of the nuclear power license base in our country, in the creation of a roadmap for a promising and high-tech industry,” Çiğdem Yılmaz, the specialist in chemical analysis of the primary circuit of the chemical workshop of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC says.

As part of the Russian-Turkish joint training program to train personnel to work at Akkuyu NPP, many young Turkish engineers successfully completed their training and started working on the project. Young engineers put their knowledge into practice. Andrey Pavlyuk, HR Director of JSC AKKUYU NUCLEAR, took the first place in the special team nomination of the General Director of Rosatom State Corporation "Reliable Support". As part of professional nuclear experts, he established an industry-wide international HR team that launched a personnel flow system for recruiting operational and construction personnel for the Akkuyu NPP which is under construction in the Republic of Turkey. The system enables to increase the employment rate, shorten the recruitment process and implement the 2021 recruitment plan. Local residents are welcome to work on the project. Thus, in March 2021, the Akkuyu NPP Employment Center was established in Gülnar. During the year of its operation, hundreds of specialists joined the team of the first nuclear power plant. Among the most common vacancies are a traffic controller, a slinger, a moulder, a welder, an installer, a security guard. In order to fill vacancies quickly, the representatives of the Center have created a reserve of candidates which is constantly replenishing. According to the mayor of Silifke, Sadık Altunok, the problem of unemployment disappeared in the region after the construction of the nuclear power plant had started. Moreover, many agricultural cooperatives report about an acute shortage of seasonal workers.

Andrey Pavlyuk, HR Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, noted: “The highly professional team of our HR department has built an effective recruitment system. The experience of creating such a system can be applied in other NPP construction projects abroad, both in terms of planning, preparation, selection, and registration, and in terms of organizing the recruitment of qualified NPP operating personnel.”

This is not the first victory of young Turkish nuclear scientists in the "Person of the Year" competition. In 2019, Mehmet Kaynar, a specialist in the turbine shop of JSC AKKUYU NUCLEAR, was awarded a diploma in the special nomination of the General Director of Rosatom "Rising Star". Mehmet proposed technical solutions to improve the systems of the turbine section of the Akkuyu NPP.

‘Quality Director’ Maxim Rabotaev, who modernizes the quality management system of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and implements digital technologies based on best industry practices, received the first prize in the corporate-wide “Supply, Logistics and Quality Management” category in the “Rosatom Person of the Year 2021” competition.

AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC ‘Quality Director’ Maxim Rabotaev said in his statement on receiving the award: “Akkuyu NPP is a large-scale and long-term project. Along with its strong and professional management, the management stuff is looking for innovative ways to solve many problems. All these methods are supported by Rosatom and pave the way for new opportunities and bright ideas. We are very grateful to our management, which supports our initiatives, creates professional development, all conditions for strengthening the project, and encourages professional specialization. It is very pleasing that the solution we have implemented by the project stuff has been answered and put into practice.”

Anastasia Zoteeva, General Director of JSC AKKUYU NUCLEAR, congratulating her colleagues on the victory in the prestigious competition of nuclear experts, emphasized: “Nuclear energy is a special industry. It demands perfectionism in everything. There are no people or companies that do their job poorly or are guided only by economic benefits. For all of us, quality is important, because quality means safety. In nuclear technologies, there are only the most decent, highly intelligent, and the most valuable representatives of the profession. I am proud that we are transferring Russian nuclear technologies to our dear Turkish colleagues, and they not only accept them, but also improve them and offer new solutions. It means that our young Turkish engineers have proved themselves as professionals in the nuclear industry. Apart from that, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all Turkish builders who have been participating in creating the nuclear future of Turkey with their own hands. In the context of the change of the main contractor, I consider it necessary to emphasize that not a single worker of the site will be infringed on their rights. I would like to emphasize once again that we are doing everything we can to protect all the rights of the companies involved in the project Many thanks to all of them and I can guarantee that the number of the Turkish companies in the project will go on increasing”.

The Akkuyu NPP construction project has recently entered its most active phase. The full-scale construction is already underway at four power units of the plant. Turkish subcontracting companies take part in the project with great enthusiasm. In conditions, when the main contractor for the NPP construction was changed, almost all subcontractors involved in the NPP construction site decided to continue working with the new main contractor, TSM Enerji İnşaat Sanayi Limited Şirketi. Most of the contracts have already been signed, the rest are in the process of signing. Active recruitment is being carried out both for construction specialties and for the positions of operational personnel of the Akkuyu NPP.

For reference:

"Person of the Year of Rosatom" is a program to recognize the merit of the best employees of the nuclear industry at the highest level of the State Corporation's management. The competition has been held since 2013. From that time, every year, the “Person of the Year of Rosatom” competition celebrates the best employees and teams who have achieved significant results at their enterprises and the industry as a whole. The main criteria for selecting the nominees of the competition include significant results at work, non-standard approaches to solving problems, compliance with corporate values and professional qualities of candidates.

All program participants go through several stages of selection. The winners in divisional nominations are distinguished at the level of the management companies of the divisions and industry complexes. The decisions about the candidates for general corporate nominations are taken at the level of the functions in the State Corporation. Special nominations are granted by the decision of the Central Competition Commission headed by the General Director of Rosatom State Corporation.

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