Turkish Engineers Became Certified Reactor Control Specialists

August 26, 2022, Buyukeceli, Mersin province, Turkey. – Five Turkish engineers educated in Russia through a targeted training program for the Akkuyu NPP became certified specialists in industrial reactor management.

Emre Yarar, Yunus Emre Saldiran, Mehmet Cagri Ceyner, Mehmet Ali Cakır and Cihan Karakus graduated from the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI and have been working at the Akkuyu NPP site for several years. The young engineers received additional training to become specialists in industrial reactor management. The young engineers received additional training to become specialists in industrial reactor management. AKKUYU NUCLEAR employees first received theoretical training at the Rosatom Technical Academy in Obninsk (Kaluga region, Russia), followed by an internship at Leningrad NPP-2 as "Senior Reactor Operator". The engineers then continued their training in Russia as "Lead Reactor Control Specialist". It consists of three phases: a theoretical part, practical training in a training center and an internship at the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant reference plant for Akkuyu NPP. After the successful completion of training and examinations, the Turkish specialists returned to work at the Akkuyu NPP site.

Anastasia Zoteeva, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC CEO, spoke about the new stage of training Turkish engineers: "The program for training Turkish specialists and engineers for the Akkuyu NPP under construction has been implemented for more than ten years. Over the past years, Rosatom has trained more than 300 graduates. We are very proud that our employees, young Turkish engineers, do not stop there, and that diplomas with honors are not an ultimate dream for them. Turkey now has its own certified reactor operators. At AKKUYU NUCLEAR, we are confident that there will only be more Turkish engineers in nuclear power plants every year. The continuity of knowledge and technology is one of the foundations of the first nuclear power plant project in Turkey".

Emre Yarar, Lead Reactor Control Specialist at AKKUYU NUCLEAR: "My aim at the time was to gain as much knowledge as possible from experienced nuclear engineers in order to be able to apply that knowledge at home. Now I can say that I have the knowledge, I have done my internship in working nuclear power plants and I am ready to be of maximum use to my country and the nuclear industry in general! Thanks to my wise mentors and teachers! Now we are all very much looking forward to the start-up of our nuclear power plant".

On the training of Turkish specialists for Akkuyu NPP

The target personnel training program for Akkuyu NPP is implemented based on the "Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on Cooperation in Construction and Operation of a Nuclear Power Plant at Akkuyu NPP Site in the Republic of Turkey" to train specialists from among citizens of the Republic of Turkey and their further recruitment by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. The training program was initiated by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC in 2011. The costs of training specialists are covered by the Russian side.

The training takes place in National Nuclear Research University "MEPhI" and Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The first students from Turkey started their studies at Russian universities in 2011 in the specialization program "Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Operation and Engineering".

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