Reactor Pressure Vessel for Unit 2 Delivered to Akkuyu NPP Site

February 1, 2022, Buyukeceli, Mersin province, Turkey. – Eastern Cargo Terminal Vostochny at Akkuyu NPP construction site received another batch of materials and equipment for the nuclear power plant under construction. A cargo vessel, which arrived at the terminal from the seaport of St. Petersburg in north-west of the Russian Federation, delivered the reactor pressure vessel for Unit 2 as well as sections of the second tier of inner containment for Unit 3, pipes and other equipment and materials to the site.

Reactor pressure vessel (RPV) is the main component of a nuclear power plant. The reactor core is located in the RPV at the NPP operation stage. Nuclear fuel and structural elements needed for controlled fission reaction and transferring thermal energy to the reactor coolant are placed in it. RPV is a horizontal cylindrical vessel with elliptical bottom. The vessel has a height of 11.45 meters, a diameter of 5.6 meters, and a weight of 343.2 tons.

"Production and delivery of the main equipment for Akkuyu NPP are carried out precisely in accordance with the planned schedule. The RPV to be installed at Unit 2 of the plant arrived at the NPP construction site. The vessel successfully crossed almost 9 thousand kilometers on the way from St. Petersburg to Mersin province. Logistics and Customs Clearance specialists of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC obtained NDK permit and passed customs clearance of the cargo in order to import the RPV to Turkey. The equipment was unloaded from the vessel at the Eastern Cargo Terminal, and then it was delivered and placed in a temporary storage place, where the RPV will be subject to the incoming inspection. We plan to carry out the assembly of the equipment in the reactor building of Unit 2 this year. Operation of the RPV is carried out in special conditions. It should ensure containment of the reactor during operation, safe overloading of fuel and operation of the reactor for at least 60 years of service life," said Sergei Butckikh, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC First Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of the NPP under Construction.

Manufacture of the RPV for Akkuyu NPP Unit 2 began at Izhorskiye Zavody in March 2019. The complete set of tests including hydraulic pressure test as well as a control assembly with in-vessel internals was carried out during the manufacturing process. A special commission confirmed the compliance with all design parameters and high quality of the product on the basis of the tests results. All the main stages of equipment production were carried out under the direct control of the Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Authority inspectors (NDK).

In the meantime, the production of the RPV for Akkuyu NPP Unit 3 continues in Volgodonsk branch of AEM-Technologies JSC of Atommash (part of Atomenergomash, the machine production division of Rosatom).

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