RAOS Project Internal Trainings on Nuclear Energy Principles – Hands-on Experience from the Experts

RAOS Project Personnel Internal Training on nuclear energy principles started in 2019 on the initiative of Grygorii Gromov, RAOS Project Managing Director.

Originally, the aim of the training was to enhance safety culture and general nuclear technology knowledge among RAOS Project employees performing safety-significant works, as strong safety culture is learning driven. Company experts with previous experience in IAEA and various national nuclear safety authorities shared their knowledge on the topics of safety at the licensing and preparatory stage of the Project.

The first series of lectures in 2019 covered the following topics:

  • Safety of NPP, provisions of IAEA Safety Standards and Russian regulatory documents;
  • YVL-guides structure (Finnish Regulatory Guides on nuclear safety), basic principles;
  • Deterministic Safety Analysis for the Hanhikivi-1 NPP;
  • Overview of Probabilistic Safety Assessment Technique for Nuclear Power Plants;
  • Leadership and Safety Culture;
  • Inspections and quality control of equipment, works and services during NPP construction.

“All six lectures were very successful. Offices of RAOS Project in Helsinki, Pyhäjoki, St. Petersburg and Moscow were connected by means of Polycom at that time, it allowed an open exchange of ideas, questioning and overall live discussion. At the end of 2019 came the understanding that all RAOS Project personnel will benefit from trainings on the Project-specific topics as it forms the “big picture” across all professions and disciplines”, says Kateryna Aleksieieva, organizer and coordinator of RAOS Project Internal Training on nuclear energy principles, Company’s Safety Culture Training Manager.

“Coronavirus limitations in 2020 forced us to adjust the format and we started doing trainings online. Challenging at first, but online meetings allowed to extend the list of the lecturers and participants by involving more RAOS Project employees and some of our partners and key suppliers”, continues Kateryna.

2020 internal training program was tailored to Project progress stage. Positive feedbacks received from the participants of the past period helped to develop the list of topics for 2020 program:

  • NPP life cycle;
  • Radiation Effect on Human Body. Radiation Protection;
  • NPP Licensing and Regulatory Oversight in Finland;
  • Operational experience during pre-operational stage of NPP life cycle;
  • Requirements, configuration and change management;
  • Safety requirements for NPPs in accordance with IAEA standards and Russian federal norms;
  • Stages of NPP design.

In 2021, the Project main suppliers became regular participants to the trainings. Everybody found something interesting, useful and applicable to his or her area of responsibility within the Project. March-May 2021 series of lectures included the following topics:

  • Role of the EPC-Contract in delivery of the Hanhikivi-1 project;
  • Integrated 3D Model of Hanhikivi-1 NPP;
  • Role of Preliminary safety analysis report (PSAR) and Final safety analysis report (FSAR) in Hanhikivi-1 licensing process;
  • I&C life cycle, I&C functional design;
  • Quality Assurance in the field of nuclear energy;
  • Quality Control.

Participation rate registered in Microsoft Teams sometimes reached 300 people. As one of the participants noted, “300 people – a whole stadium!”

All training materials and recorded lectures are available to RAOS Project personnel, so that even new employees can use these materials during the onboarding.

“All participants have benefited from this opportunity to learn something new on the Project-specific topics from our experienced colleagues and experts. We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all RAOS Project, ATOMPROEKT and RASU lecturers who contributed to the success of these trainings throughout all 3 years”, concludes Kateryna Aleksieieva.

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