Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University announces admission of turkish citizens to free masters degree program under the personnel training program for the first NPP in Turkey

February 08, 2021, Ankara, Turkey - Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) is carrying out the third admission of Turkish university bachelors to a free master's degree program within the framework of the education program initiated by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. Bachelor graduates from Turkish universities will be admitted to the program conducted in English.

The total of 25 people are planned to be admitted within the framework of the SPbPU program to study in such fields as "Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering" and "Electric Power Engineering and Electric Engineering". The Turkish citizens who have graduated from Turkish educational institutions with a bachelor degree in such fields as "Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering", "Electric Power Engineering and Electric Engineering", "Nuclear Power and Technologies" and "Chemical Technology" are eligible to submit the applications.

The entrants are enrolled on the basis of the results of remote online interview with SPbPU teachers on the major disciplines mastered by the applicants under the program of Turkish higher universities, which is conducted in English. The application deadline is March 12, 2021, followed by applicant interviews in the period of March 15-25. Entrance examination applications are accepted via the Internet.

The duration of the master's degree program at SPbPU is 2 years. In addition to the major disciplines, the program participants will master Russian language during their study. The graduates who successfully completed the program will undergo practical training at the training centres of Rosatom State Corporation and practical training for the period of 1 to 3 years.

The program participants will stay in the SPbPU dormitory and receive a scholarship of 32,000 roubles (about 3000 Turkish Liras) per month. During the study, the students will be provided with a medical insurance and prepaid round-trip ticket from St. Petersburg to Istanbul once a year.

The students will study for 2 years in the historic campus building of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University established in 1899 and ranked among the best Russian technical universities. The university where outstanding Russian scientists used to teach, including three Nobel Prize winners – Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semyonov and Zhores Alferov, is famous for its scientific and technological base.

About training of Turkish specialists for Akkuyu NPP

The target-oriented personnel training program for Akkuyu NPP is being implemented within the framework of the "Intergovernmental Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on Cooperation in the field of construction and operation of the nuclear power plant at the Akkuyu NPP site in the Republic of Turkey" to train specialists among the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, followed by their employment with Akkuyu NPP. The education program was initiated by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC in 2011. The costs of specialist training are borne by the Russian side. 

The training takes place at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI) and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). In 2011 the first Turkish students began their training at Russian universities under the specialist's degree program of "Nuclear plants: design, operation and engineering".

35, 53 and 55 young Turkish professionals have graduated the training program in March 2018, February 2019 and February 2020, respectively, and were accepted for employment in AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. In total, as many as 143 graduates of the target-oriented personnel training program for Akkuyu NPP joined the staff of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and successfully work on the first-ever NPP construction project in Turkey. 150 Turkish students are currently studying at MEPhI and SPbPU.

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