AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and WANO Moscow Center have signed a Cooperation Agreement

February 15, 2022, Mersin, Turkey. – AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, a subsidiary of Rosatom State Corporation which is implementing the Akkuyu NPP Construction Project in the Republic of Turkey, and the Moscow Center of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) signed an agreement that defines the terms of cooperation of the parties for formation of the common information and expert space, consolidation of the operation experience of nuclear power plants, exchange of updated safety-critical operational information.

The Agreement is directed at participation in ensuring nuclear safety and reliability of Akkuyu NPP, as well as protection of personnel, NPP site and environment by mutual expert, consultative and engineering and technical support. The information space created by WANO-MC allows its participants on a daily basis to be involved in the expert interaction with each other for improving their activity.

After the signing Anastasia Zoteeva, Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, noted: "It is important for us to be a part of the global nuclear community and to have an opportunity to study more deeply and use the entire operating experience of the colleagues. The signed Agreement will allow us to interact closely with the operating organizations all over the world. The entire Project activities are performed with regard to all the safety requirements and in accordance with the Turkish statutory regulations and international standards Prompt interaction with WANO shall become another significant guarantee of application of the state-of-the-art safety principles in the Project".

"Exchange of construction and operation experience is the most efficient tool for achieving the main mission of WANO which is NPP nuclear safety and reliability assurance. Experience of each operating organization is unique and valuable. We provide a single platform for prompt information interaction between all the organizations that operate NPPs", emphasized Vasily Aksenov, Director, WANO Moscow Centre.

AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC has been the WANO member since June 20, 2019.

Akkuyu NPP is a nuclear power plant under construction on Turkey's southern coast. The project provides for construction and commissioning of four power units equipped with WWER-1200 reactors with rated power of 4 800 MW each. The NPP is being constructed in accordance with the Russian design and on the grounds of the Inter-Governmental Agreement signed between Russia and Turkey in May 2010. Upon completion, the NPP will generate about 35 billion kWh annually.

World Association of Nuclear Operators is a non-for-profit organization established in 1989. In terms of reactor types, its members belong to four following regional centres located in Atlanta, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. The Association's activities aim to achieve its main goal of maximum improvement of safety and reliability of NPP operation through information exchange, assistance in establishing contacts among WANO members, comparison of their operation performance and implementation of advanced experience.

WANO Moscow Centre which includes representatives of Russian-designed nuclear power plants was established in 2013 to implement post-Fukushima recommendations at the premises of Concern Rosenergoatom, an operator of all Russian nuclear power plants, which operation methods and set of information systems are used to receive, process and retransmit NPP data.

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