The first seminar for the suppliers of "Akkuyu" NPP project has been started in Mersin

The seminar organized by Rosatom State Corporation and Akkuyu Nuclear project company for the suppliers of "Akkuyu" NPP project started on October 3, 2018 in Mersin (Turkey). The seminar is supported by the Mersin and Ankara chambers of commerce and industry.

The following officials took part in the seminar opening ceremony: Mr. Ibrahim Dere, Head of Nuclear Energy Project Implementation Department, General Directorate of Nuclear Energy, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Republic of Turkey;

Mr. Adbulkadir Delek, General Secretary of Mersin Chamber of Trade and Industry;

Dr. Yavuz Jabbar, General Secretary of Ankara Chamber of Industry, with Mr. Anton Dedusenko, Deputy chairman of the AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Board of Directors and First Deputy CEO for project management of JSC Rusatom Energy International, who made a welcoming speech to the participants of the seminar.

During his speech at the opening ceremony Dere noted: "The nuclear power plant provides Turkey with not only a stable generation of environmentally friendly energy. The safety issues in the nuclear industry set out higher requirements for the quality of works, services and equipment for NPPs. The involvement in Akkuyu NPP construction project offers the Turkish suppliers a unique opportunity to improve their professional competence and production culture, which enables them to become partners in future for construction projects of nuclear power stations both in Turkey and the third countries."

In his welcoming speech Anton Dedusenko outlined the value of the seminar for establishing of straightforward and open dialog with Turkish companies within the project. "According to preliminary estimates, the Turkish party will have opportunity to provide about 40% of all works during construction of "Akkuyu" NPP. Besides, the project implementation model Build-Own-Operate shall be also considered, where we can expect from the potential large suppliers to participate in the project not only as contractors but possibly as investors. This principle has a significant effect for the localization level. The today’s seminar is aimed at the development of effective cooperation with Turkish suppliers. This is the first but not last seminar. The seminar is particularly up to date considering the commencement of the full-scale construction works within "Akkuyu" NPP project as such works started in April 2018, immediately after the construction license was granted. We are expected to perform a large volume of both general construction works, procurement works and installment works related to various equipment both for the NPP itself and auxiliary facilities, and we expect to implement these works in collaboration with you," - the speaker stated in his speech to the seminar participants.

The Rosatom experience, as a world leader in the nuclear industry, demonstrates opportunities and advantages which are provided by the development of the nuclear industry for national economies. According to Anton Dedusenko's words the project implementation will produce a great effect both for the country and the region, it will boost a positive impulse for social and economic development.

Adbulkadir Delek, General Secretary of Mersin Chamber of Trade and Industry, outlined: "The seminar for suppliers builds a bridge of cooperation between Turkish companies and Akkuyu Nuclear. NPP is always a township-forming enterprise, which creates new jobs requiring professional training, new skills and qualifications. I hope that the Turkish industrialists will use this offered opportunity to take part in the large-scale project and will make every effort to perform the most complicated works at the high quality level".

During the first day of the seminar the representatives of the Rosatom State Corporation enterprises made their presentations: Rusatom Energy International, AKKUYU NUCLEAR, Rosatom regional center in the Middle East and North Africa, ASE EC JSC. The participants of the seminar got familiar with the procurement system of the Rosatom State Corporation, they were provided with the information on effective requirements within procurement procedures.

In his speech Mr. Alexender Voronkov, regional vice-president and Director of Rosatom - Middle East and North Africa, told about the history of the State Corporation and the VVER technology used as basis in the implementation of construction projects of 36 power units in 12 countries currently performed by Rosatom. The speaker outlined the status of the largest Rosatom projects being implemented both in the foreign market and in the region in particular. According to Mr. Voronkov the success of Rosatom in international market is based on its over 70-year experience in the nuclear industry and application of the most modern solutions and technology which assure the effectiveness and safety of Russian nuclear design solutions.

In his turn, Mr. Eugeny Kozlov, Director of "Akkuyu" NPP project of Rusatom Energy International, told about the project key parameters, its development stages as well as about localization of production and the project implementation effects for development of regional business and economy.

Mr. Vladimir Chudin, Director for equipment of AKKUYU NUCLEAR project company, spoke about the “Single Window” service established by AKKUYU NUCLEAR for simplified and effective cooperation with Turkish businesses, as well as the opportunities for the suppliers within the project, and the procurement plans for 2018-2020.

The Rosatom partners made presentations on their work experience in implementing foreign project. The representative of Russian JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 outlined that the company completed the construction of the power unit in Russia and it had a successful practical experience of collaboration with foreign suppliers under the construction project Hanhikivi-1 NPP in Finland.

Reports were also made by the representatives of Finnish construction company Andament Group (Rosatom supplier under the project Hanhikivi-1 NPP), Assystem and Cengiz companies cooperating with AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC in Turkey.

Over 300 participants took part in the seminar representing Turkish companies in the area of construction, machine building, engineering, supply of equipment and etc. The seminar will work till October 5, 2018. The second and the third days of the seminar will be dedicated to round-table discussions of opportunities for the suppliers of various equipment and services as well as individual business-meetings of Turkish companies with the representatives of the members of "Akkuyu" NPP project - enterprises of Russian nuclear industry under B2B format.

During the final day of the seminar the participants will visit the "Akkuyu" NPP construction site. The employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR engineering company will conduct an excursion and tell the representatives of the Turkish business about the infrastructure and the construction stages of the NPP main and auxiliary facilities.

The work of the first seminar of the suppliers for "Akkuyu" NPP is covered by both regional and central mass media of the Republic of Turkey.

Communication Department of Rosatom State Corporation

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