Local support for Fennovoima’s project continues to be strong

A clear majority of the residents of Pyhäjoki and its surrounding municipalities continue to support Fennovoima's nuclear power plant project. According to a new survey by Norstat, 67.4 percent of people living in Pyhäjoki are in favor of the project. The results show that 62.0 percent of the residents of both Pyhäjoki and its surrounding municipalities – Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Oulainen and Raahe – welcome the project.

A year ago, 68.1 percent of Pyhäjoki residents and 65.7 percent of people in the surrounding municipalities were in favor of the project. In Pyhäjoki, support for Fennovoima's project has fallen marginally, by 0.7 percent, since December 2015. In study area as a whole, support has declined by 3.7 per cent from last year. Number of undecided has increased by 0.5 among Pyhäjoki residents and 2.4 per cent among Pyhäjoki and surroundings.

Norstat Finland’s phone survey contacted 855 randomly selected people in December 2016: 405 in Pyhäjoki and 450 in the nearby areas.

The margin of error is ±3.5 percent.

Fennovoima has commissioned surveys from Norstat Finland since 2008.

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