The First International Summer School on Radiochemistry (ISSR) wrapped up in Moscow

Over 40 specialists from Africa, Asia and Europe from ROSATOM partner countries learned about radiochemistry, radiation technologies and nuclear medicine.
On August 3rd, the First International Summer School on Radiochemistry (ISSR), organized by the Faculty of Chemistry of the Moscow State University (MSU), one of Russia’s top universities and ROSATOM successfully wrapped up at the MSU. 
Over 40 specialists from ROSATOM partner countries, including: Belarus, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria, Slovakia, South Africa and Turkey, learned about the innovative technologies in radiochemistry, radiation technologies and nuclear medicine. 
The lectures on the best Russian practices were delivered by: the professors of the Radiochemistry department of MSU Faculty of Chemistry, ROSATOM specialists, Burnasyan State Research Center, National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” and other specialists in nuclear medicine production. Experts from International Atomic Energy Agency and Imperial College of London added their international experience to the curriculum of the School.
 “International Summer School on Radiochemistry is the first in a series of educational courses that MSU and ROSATOM will conduct for the professors of the leading technical universities of partner countries as well as Centers’ for Nuclear Science and Technology specialists and managers. ROSATOM is planning to create such centers on various continents». The goal of these schools is to train future nuclear top-managers who will be supervising nuclear projects. Thanks to this, when Centers for Nuclear Science and Technology open in the partner country, it will not only have the production and research facilities ready, but also a human resource development system for training qualified specialists who are capable of conducting scientific research, managing modern equipment and applying the latest production technologies will be in place”, commented Valery Karezin, Head of Educational Programs at ROSATOM.
“In order to create not only the production and research facilities but also to develop scientific potential of its partner companies, ROSATOM needed a complex of educational courses, textbooks as well as master’s and post-graduate degrees. MSU Faculty of Chemistry is operating as the scientific and educational partner in training specialists in the field of radiochemistry”, says Stepan Kalmykov, Dean of MSU Faculty of Chemistry and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 



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