Summer Session at ROSATOM School International Camp in Finland is successfully over

The first session of ROSATOM School International polylingual camp situated in Kalajoki, in the north area of Finland at the Baltic sea, took place from 26 July to 8 August, 2017. The school was attended by over 70 children at the age from 7 to 17 from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Finland. ROSATOM School International polylingual camp is an educational project organized by ROSATOM jointly with Rossotrudnichestvo. 
During their stay at the camp, the children under the guidance of experienced Russian and Finish teachers attended various classes and workshops, studied the history, culture and traditions of various peoples, languages as well as exact and engineering sciences. “National ornaments”, “Culture sources – our memory”, “Scientific entertainment park”, “Dance Language” – these are just some of the workshops attended by the children. 
Adam Stříhavka from the Czech Republic noted: “I liked the variety of the camp programs as well as the possibility to meet children from other countries. The program was very interesting, and we got acquainted with other cultures by playing games and participating in interesting events. We did a lot of sport, played volleyball, rode bicycles, swam in the Baltic Sea. We had a great time”. 
The choice of “Session – Holiday” topic has certain reasons behind. The children celebrated the New Year and Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and Cinema Day considering the traditions of five countries. Besides, the children held their Eurovision song contest, gave theatrical performances in various genres, participated in numerous master classes and plays. They did it all together in spite of the language barrier that was destroyed under the kids’ interest and creativity. The session encouraged children to study foreign languages.
Father of Bajnai Zselyke from Hungary says: “The camp has made lifelong impressions on the kids. They discovered a new world, gained experience of communication in foreign languages, became more open and communicative.”
“I liked Finnish nature very much, and the weather was fine. We had wonderful teachers who knew how to create fantastic atmosphere during classes. The food was very delicious and I liked Finnish cuisine. Frantisek Kudela from Slovakia says that the Finnish camp was “super”, “ochen chorosho”, “the best”. 
On the last day of the session all the participants visited a waterpark and “Dance My World” concert in the afternoon that consisted of the best performances that the children gave during the session. All the participants of the camp liked their staying in Finland and expressed hope to return to the wonderful city of Kalajoki again.  


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