ROSATOM supported international ecology swim in Baikal

July 14, Irkutsk Region: The International Transbaikal Ecology Swim BAIKAL GREAT SWIM scored the results. The swim was supported by the Irkutsk Region Government, ROSATOM, and UN Information Center in Moscow. The swim was held to attract attention to the environmental problems of Lake Baikal. The swim was organized by the regional public organization ‘Cold Training and Winter Swimming Club “Pribaikaltsy”’. 
The swim participants were nine experienced swimmers from the Great Britain, Italy, Morocco, Russia, USA, France and SAR. The swimmers started on July 12 in the village of Vydrino (Buryatia) and finished on July 13 on the Beach of Jacoby in Irkutsk. They spent 26 hours to pass the distance of 70 km. The swimmers changed without rest and sleep. No diving suites were used during the swim. 
The swimmers were awarded in Irkutsk. The ceremony was attended by Regional Governor Igor Kobzev, Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Vladimir Kuznetsov and President of Rusatom International Network Vadim Titov.
“The participants demonstrated tremendous strength of spirit, breathtaking endurance, fortitude and physical strength. It’s symbolic that the most important event in the history of the world marathon swimming in the open water is devoted to the Year of Baikal declared in Irkutsk Region,” Igor Kobzev said. 
Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Vladimir Kuznetsov noted that the preservation of the planet’s ecology was the common task and it was confirmed by such events. 
“This swim, which symbolically ran in the Year of Baikal, is the example of how the union of people from different world countries attracts attention to the uniqueness of Lake Baikal, its value for entire mankind. As the company which sits in more than 60 world countries, ROSATOM understands the importance of international cooperation and keeping the Baikal ecosystem. It is ROSATOM today has been assigned by the directive of President of Russia to be the responsible organization to solve a number of environmental problems in the region. All set tasks will be solved together with the Government of Irkutsk Region and all concerned public representatives,” Vadim Titov stressed.

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