ROSATOM started manufacturing pump sets for Tianwan NPP (China)

Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC AEM-technology (part of ROSATOM machine-building division Atomenergomash) has started manufacturing guide vanes for reactor coolant pump sets (RCPS) which will be erected at Tianwan NPP Unit 7 (China).
Guide vanes are a part of RCPS internals, and they consist of top and bottom disсs between which there are 13 guiding blades. The function of this device within the pump housing is to guide coolant flow from the steam generator to the reactor.
The employees have performed fit-up of the first guide vanes for RCPS housings of Tianwan NPP. Therewith guiding blades were installed as per the requirements of the design documentation in strict compliance with the position tolerances. It is correct positioning of these components that ensures smooth, vibration-free performance of a pump set during operation.
An RCPS housing is an item of safety class I. At a nuclear power plant, a reactor coolant pump set provides coolant circulation within the primary circuit and it is operated under a pressure of approximately 160 MPa and a temperature of 300°C.
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Tianwan NPP is located in Jiangsu Province, Chiha. Units 1&2 with VVER-1000 reactors were handed over to the customer and put into warranty period operation in 2007. Units 3&4 were put into warranty period operation in 2018. The intergovernmental protocol and framework contract on construction of Tianwan NPP units 7&8 with VVER-1200 reactors were signed the same year.

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