ROSATOM Participated in Animal Release Action in Brazil

On January 22, 2021, a unique action aimed at maintaining biodiversity and improving the environmental culture in Brazil was carried out by ROSATOM and Instituto Vida Livre (Brazilian Non-Governmental Organization) under the Cooperation Agreement between these organizations.
Rosatom Latin America took part in the release of rehabilitated animals as part of the sponsorship program for the actions taken by Instituto Vida Livre. "The moment of the animals release was very moving, they had suffered so much through the fault of people. We were delighted to participate in this action and contribute to the sustainable development of Brazil. Environmental protection is one of Rosatom's priorities, and it has been our practice to support environment and social initiatives in the countries where we operate", noted Ivan Dybov, Director of Rosatom Latin America.
Instituto Vida Livre as an environmental organization rescues and rehabilitates animal victims of illegal wildlife trade, hunting, accidents and other human activities in the natural habitat of wild animals. Rehabilitated animals are released into the wild, as according to the organization's slogan: "To love is to set free." Though some animals become so attached to people that they do not want to leave and remain in the area where the organization operates until they are ready to return to their natural habitats.
With the support of partnership organizations, Instituto Vida Livre is currently creating its own space to expand its activities and organize its work. Due to the organization's relationships, including its cooperation with Rosatom, the organization plans to equip the Espa?o Vida Livre, which will rescue animals free of charge. This centre will help more than five thousand wild animals annually, including rare species of Brazil's wild fauna.

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