ROSATOM and Institute of Technology of Cambodia signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Phnom Penh, August 28, 2018. — Rosatom Southeast Asia and Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding today pursuant of the Intergovernmental Agreement on cooperation in nuclear energy use for peaceful purposes, signed between Russia and Cambodia last year.
Institute of Technology of Cambodia will provide a basis on which to develop the Information Center for Atomic Energy in this country.
Mr. Egor Simonov, Head of Rosatom Southeast Asia, and Dr. OM Romny, Director General of ITC, affixed their signatures to the document that is aimed at intensifying dialogue in nuclear science and education between Russia and Cambodia. 
The parties agreed to develop partnership between Institute of Technology of Cambodia and Russian higher educational institutions, as well as research and educational enterprises of ROSATOM.
«Our cooperation will contribute to higher public awareness of nuclear technologies and their role in sustainable development of Cambodia», - Mr. Egor Simonov noted.
«Development of nuclear science and technology is one of the cornerstones of implementing the national strategy. In addition to power generation, nuclear technologies are widely used in medicine, agriculture and other important industries», - Dr. OM Romny added.
Institute of Technology of Cambodia, founded in 1964, has 8 departments with around 4,942 undergraduate students as of August 2018.
For reference:
ROSATOM is a Russian state corporation, one of the global technology leaders. It is among the largest companies of the Russian Federation and one of the biggest tax payers of the country. It unites assets in the field of nuclear energy, NPP designing and construction and nuclear power engineering. State Corporation Rosatom is the largest power generating company in Russia, which in 2017 generated 202 868 billion kWh of electricity (18.9% of the total electricity generated in Russia). Rosatom holds the first place in the world in terms of volume of foreign projects portfolio (35 power units in 11 countries), second place in the world in uranium reserves and forth place in uranium mining.  State Corporation Rosatom covers 17% of the global nuclear fuel market. Rosatom activities also include the manufacture of equipment and isotope products for use in nuclear medicine, research and development, material sciences, supercomputers and software, manufacture of various nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. The Rosatom strategy foresees the development of the projects for clean energy generation, including wind power engineering. Rosatom unites over 300 enterprises and companies, including the unique world nuclear icebreaking fleet.


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