ROSATOM America Latina and UMATEX Group became members of Latin American Association of Composite Materials

ROSATOM America Latina and UMATEX Group became members of Latin American Association of Composite Materials. ROSATOM America Latina and UMATEX Group became members of Latin American Association of Composite Materials (ALMACO – from its acronyms in Portuguese), taking part as an inauguration act in the "Creativity Day", organized by the association, in São Paulo, Brazil.

ROSATOM America Latina and UMATEX Group participated in ALMACO’s activities with presentations to other local affiliates. After being officially presented in a meeting of the Executive Committee, UMATEX made its first presentation to Brazilian market. The UMATEX Group is a subsidiary of Russia's state-owned ROSATOM, which specializes in nuclear power.

"We are seeking to cooperate with ALMACO because the entity brings together not only the main local players, but also has presence in other countries in the region and in the near future intends to expand its range of action to Latin America markets that are in interest of UMATEX", says Ekaterina Tebenkova, head of export sales at UMATEX.

Ekaterina Tebenkova pointed out to the representatives of local leading companies the UMATEX Group's manufacturing structure and the technical specifications of its composite materials. She also described the potential business model intend to be adopted for the local market. “The construction, wind, naval and sport segments, among others, are included in our list of potential clients”, she explained.

“We are glad to be an official member of ALMACO. We consider ALMACO as strategically important partner who has proven experience on the organization of the events and technical seminars to promote composites across the whole continent”, said the President of ROSATOM America Latina Ivan Dybov.

For Erika Bernardino, manager of ALMACO, the arrival of the UMATEX Group is excellent news for the composites sector. "It is very positive to have another great company willing to invest in our market, what can be considered a great boost to overcoming the difficulties brought by the crisis that Brazil is going through", she says.    

For reference:

In June 2015, Rosatom - International Network registered Rosatom’s Regional Office in Rio de Janeiro, ROSATOM America Latina, which is the headquarters of the State Corporation in Latin America. The "UMATEX Group" is a management company and part of a new Promising Materials and Technologies Division of ROSATOM State Corporation. Its comprising an R&D Centre and enterprises manufacturing high-strength and high-modulus carbon fibers (CF) and CF fabrics, was set up to form a market of composite materials in Russia. UMATEX Group includes 3 entities that provide 95% of carbon fiber production in Russia.

ALMACO stands for Associação Latino-americana de Materiais Compositos which means Latin-American Association of Composite Materials. The main objective of ALMACO is to promote the use of composite and high technological materials, mainly through regionalized events and capacitating courses for the member’s workforce. They want to disseminate knowledge and increase the use of this kind of technology in the region industry. They were founded in 1982 and had promoted more than 250 workshops and courses in Latin America. They have 400 associates in Brazil and expect to get to 2.000 until the end of the year including their other regions of presence: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.


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