ROSATOM acts as an organizer of the International Conference on Quantum Technologies ICQT-2021

The International Conference on Quantum Technologies ICQT-2021 will be held on July 12-16. It is organized by the Russian Quantum Center, ROSATOM and National Quantum Laboratory; the event partners are the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sberbank, Gazprombank, and Roscongress Foundation. The conference is included in the program of “Year of Science and Technology in Russia”.
The large-scale event in Russia on quantum technologies will be held in the on-line format and will gather together leading scientists from the USA, Canada, China, Germany, the Great Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Nederland, Spain, Italy and Singapore.
The conference program has two blocks: the Open Day for the broad audience and Scientific Reports session where the international experts will give their talks. Scientists from different countries will discuss how to develop quantum projects and raising external financing by start-ups.
It is expected that the scientific reports will be given by world-known researchers: one of the leaders in quantum computations on atoms Mikhail Lukin from Harvard University; Eugene Demler, Professor of Harvard University; Vlad Shalaev from Purdue University; Daniel Loss, Professor of Basel University; and representatives of national quantum programs: Head of the European Program for Development of Quantum Technologies Quantum Flagship Tommaso Calarco, Research Director of the French National Research Bernard Jill and others..
On July 15 there will be the Open Day of ICQT where the audience may take part in high-level discussions. Everyone may take part in the Open Day but one needs to register on the official website. The participants are to hear presentations on quantum computations and reviews of application in the financial sector, logistics, medicine and pharmaceuticals. The participants are Julian Kelly, the head of quantum computer and software development of Google; Chris Monroe, Professor and Head of the Quantum Center of the Duke University (USA); the founder and scientific director of IonQ Chris Monro; Director for Digitalization of ROSATOM Yekaterina Solntseva and others. Ruslan Yunusov, Head of Project Office on Quantum Technologies and Head of the National Quantum Laboratory, will be the moderator. The event will start at 17:00 (MSK). To participate, you must register at the website.

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