Nuclear fuel loading has been proceeded at the 3d power unit of Tianwan NPP

On 18 August 2017 the first fuel assembly was loaded at power unit No.3 of the second part of construction stage of Tianwan NPP in China. 

“The first fuel assembly has been successfully loaded at 11:00 pm (06:00 pm Moscow time) to the reactor of the third power unit of Tianwan NPP” – stated Andrey Lebedev, the Vice-President for the South Asia Projects of JSC ASE EC. - Therefore, a physical start-up of the unit has been started ahead schedule”. According to Andrey Lebedev, connection of power unit No.3 to the national grid of the Eastern China region is planned to be realized by the end of this year.

The second stage of Tianwan NPP (power units 3 and 4) is being constructed in association with ASE Group of Companies. Totally 163 fuel assemblies are to be loaded in the reactor. Upon completion of the fuel loading and carrying out of all necessary start-up and commissioning activities, bringing to the minimum controllable power level (MCL) is to come and further on - the power start-up. 

“A milestone event in the second construction stage of Tianwan NPP has occurred - said Mr. V. Limarenko, President of ASE Group of companies. - the physical start-up of power unit No.3 of the plant has been started. It is meaningful that the first two units constructed by us in cooperation with Chinese colleagues are admitted to be the best in the country. On Tianwan site we implement our advanced developments and technologies in the field of nuclear power engineering and construction management. We hope that the second construction stage of Tianwan NPP will efficiently serve the Chinese people, strengthening cooperation between our countries”. 

Tianwan NPP is the largest facility of the Russian-Chinese economic cooperation. Start-up of the first stage of Tianwan NPP (power units 1, 2) was held in 2007. These first two units annually generate above 15 billion KW/hour of electric power. The commercial operation of power unit No.3 of Tianwan NPP is planned for 2018.


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