Leningrad NPP: passive heat removal system tested at Unit 1 under construction

On the 29th of August the tests of one of the most important protective safety systems – passive heat removal system from the reactor through steam generators – were completed at Unit 1 of Leningrad NPP under construction.
The work was carried out at the stage of the hot runs of the equipment which included main and auxiliary process system of normal operation and safety system. Hot runs are the last large start-up and adjustment stage before commissioning of the unit.
“The passive heat removal system through steam generators is designed for removal of residual heat and cooldown of the reactor in case of beyond design basis accidents associated with plant blackout or total loss of feedwater,” Vitaly Shutikov, Head Reactor Department of Leningrad NPP under Construction, explained. “The main feature of this system is its complete independence. Production capacity of the system is such that three of four independent (from each other) trains are capable to provide for prolonged residual heat removal from the reactor core during one day, as minimum. At present, all four trains of the system have been successfully tested; they are ready to operate and during the unit operation will be always in stand-by,” he said.
“The test results confirm ability of the system to perform the designated functions to remove residual heat and cooldown of the reactor in modes of total blackout of the plant in full scope,” Shift Supervisor of Reactor Department Alexander Nakonechny stressed.


Source: rosatom.ru

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